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EHG Steel and Metal
We deliver solutions.
1963 - 2023

Processing in Europe´s most up-to-date cutting and sawing centre

Processing at the highest level

  • Many millions of saw cuts per annum
  • Precise cutting with minimal tolerances
  • Also in very small batches
  • The most advanced cutting and sawing centres in Europe
    40 automatic band and circular saws
    1 aluminium plate sawing machine
    3 steel plate sawing machines
  • Products can be washed, blasted, conserved or trowalised as required

Top quality thanks to professional processing.

At EHG, steel and metal are perfectly tailored to our customer´s requirements. Our products reliably meet the most rigorous tolerances and the highest quality standards. The techniques employed are: Sawing, laser-cutting and flame-cutting. Blasting and washing are also available upon request.

Precision sawing

We have all kinds of advanced automatic band and circular saws in our sawing centres. They allow us to accurately cut steel and metals – bars, tubes, sections, sheets and plates – out of the vast EHG product range into the dimensions required by our customers. We also execute very small batches, of course.

We cover the following dimension ranges:

  • Round bar: 6 mm to 860 mm
  • Flat bar: 10 x 3 mm to 1000 x 800 mm
  • Square bar: 6 x 6 mm to 800 x 800 mm
  • Mitre cuts: 200 x 200 mm to max. 60°
  • 300 x 300 mm to max. 45°
  • 400 x 300 mm to max. 30°
  • Mitre cuts in beams on request

Edge and surface finishing

Our products can also be washed, blasted and conserved prior to delivery. If a finer finish is required, they can also be trowalised/ barrel finished.

The range we cover is as follows:

  • Shotblasting (SA 2.5): max. part width = 2,000 mm, max. part length = 16,000 mm
  • Washing: max. part length = 2,000 mm, max. 400 kg
  • Trowalising: max. part diagonal = 300 mm
  • We also supply deburred cut lengths, on request.

Order EHG plate cutting online!

EHG plate cut lengths are perfectly cut in the true sense of the word to the individual requirements of our customers: precise, reliable, with maximum quality grades, and of course always according to deadline. EHG steel und aluminium plate cut lengths you can order easily online!

Order plate cutting online

EHG tube laser cutting

Tube laser cutting combines a number of process steps, such as sawing, drilling or milling. It saves processing and turnaround time. For you, this means extra quality and economic efficiency – so you can benefit by being more competitive.

Our processing range:

  • Tubes: 12 mm to 220 mm
  • Bars: up to 35 kg/m
  • Round, square and rectangular tubes
  • Open sections and special cross-sections, including concave
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