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EHG Steel and Metal
We deliver solutions.
1963 - 2023

The EHG Webshop – it‘s easy to get a firm price

EHG Webshop

  • Daily prices for materials and services
  • Individual terms/discounts automatically applied
  • Direct ordering from the EHG online shop 24-7

The EHG Webshop offers security

Prices on the steel market change every day. Steel and metal are traded on international commodity markets, which results in wild fluctuations in price. The tremendous variety of material grades and dimensions also makes it difficult to gain an overview.

Actual and individual prices

With the EHG Webshop, you always have an accurate picture of your prices. Because it calculates with your specific terms and discounts, up-to-the-minute.

Clever all-inclusive calculation

With a personal access code to the EHG Webshop, you can calculate with your specific purchase prices at any time – including the processing costs. Information about the grades and dimensions we have in stock is also available to you.

Important benefits

Our customers can respond quickly and flexibly, because the calculated items are easily transferred to the EHG Webshop and ordered directly.

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