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EHG Steel and Metal
We deliver solutions.
1963 - 2023

EHG e-business solutions improve your process efficiency

EHG Webshop

  • Swift and comprehensive online calculation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Individual current material and processing prices for registered users
  • EHG Webshop with time-saving order administration
  • Electronic billing
  • Electronic works certification archive


  • Rationalisation and relief of operational purchasing
  • Complete digitalisation eliminates paper processes
  • Reduced lead times without manual interruptions
  • Automated data transfer avoids errors
  • Additional services such as individual labelling

Digital communication means greater economic efficiency

Networking in the field of the procurement of goods and services is increasingly becoming a decisive success factor for entrepreneurial activity.

Increased process efficiency

Quoting and ordering processes virtually run in real time – 24 hours a day, as well. The digitalisation and standardisation of procurement processes lower costs and, at the same time, boost process efficiency. We help you keep to deadlines and make you more competitive as well.

EHG Webshop

EHG Webshop with online calculation considerably improves process efficiency. You have an overview of over 15,000 articles in more than 140 different qualities at all times. Registered users calculate with their individual, current material and processing prices – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have access here to all information about availability, length and processing. The procurement of materials via the EHG Webshop is extremely efficient, with the targeted selection of delivery deadlines guaranteeing a smooth supply chain.


EHG EDI (EDI = electronic data interchange) stands for the 100% digital processing of the procurement process by means of a direct 1:1 data connection, which comprises everything: transfer of order, order confirmation, delivery note and invoice in record format. The result of this digitalisation is, besides the rationalisation of the procurement area, the reduction of possible sources of error and thus smooth and economical processes.

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