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EHG Steel and Metal
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1963 - 2023

Outsourcing takes the strain off your operating structures: EHG complete

Outsourcing with EHG Complete

  • Reducing operating space with low productivity.
  • Reducing internal warehouse and processing activities with fluctuating utilisation.
  • Taking the strain off operating purchasing through the digitalisation of procurement processes.
  • Optimum purchase prices thanks to contractual collaboration with EHG as the leading systems supplier.

The most efficient way to procure material

The situation is known. Internal storage and processing activities with fluctuating utilisation only result in a poor utilisation rate or bottlenecks in respect of personnel and machines. Similarly, a dedicated warehouse for raw materials, the residual stock storage and the unproductive surfaces for material handling and processing cost you a lot of money.

EHG complete is your solution.

The advantages of outsourcing with EHG complete speak for themselves: Reducing expensive operating space with low productivity to a minimum literally creates space for value-creating activities in your production. Thanks to the 100% digital processing by means of a direct 1:1 data connection, paper processes are eliminated. In addition, you reduce your operational purchasing activity and can concentrate entirely on strategic tasks.

Top prices from the leading systems supplier.

EHG complete also comes with a host of important advantages when it comes to prices. In this way, the contractual cooperation with the leading systems supplier always ensures optimal purchase prices. That means that you always get the best price and are no longer subject to short-term price fluctuations. You will benefit from factory set purchasing conditions as can only be offered to you by a company like EHG.

You benefit in a number of ways from outsourcing with the EHG complete service:

  • Flexibility
  • Scheduling reliability
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Improvement in quality
  • Economic benefits

EHG complete – technical realisation

Integration is entirely unproblematic given the many years of experience with EHG. The interfaces are independent from the ERP system of the customer. Data is exchanged via EDIfact, XML, ASCII, I-Doc or other formats. And: fail-safe data lines and mirrored central servers guarantee the highest degree of system security.

EHG complete is synonymous with warehouse outsourcing and processing, combined with fully digitalised order processing. And it means an uncompromising, trustworthy and, at the same time, profitable partnership with the leading steel and metal service provider in central Europe. With EHG.

Your benefits at a glance

Benefit 1: Flexibility with the supply of material

  • Elimination of inventory risk, no own warehouse.
  • You only order what you really need.
  • You have no pieces leftover in the warehouse.

Benefit 2: Scheduling reliability with the supply of material

  • Permanent improvement in security of supply.
  • No supply bottlenecks due to EHG warehouse and just-in-time delivery.

Benefit 3: Efficiency in the procurement process

  • Services performed by a service partner with highly optimised structures.
  • Reduced lead times by avoiding manual administrative processes.
  • Savings as a result of fully digitalised order processing from order placement to billing.

Benefit 4: Improved quality for services

  • Processing with state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Additional services: e.g. individual labelling, quality assurance, certificate database, etc.
  • Error avoidance as a result of automated data transferring.

Benefit 5: Economic benefits for your company

  • Divestments of warehouse buildings, crane systems and processing machinery.
  • No own warehouse, no capital commitment.
  • Price benefits for procurement due to the pooling of amounts.
  • No hidden costs as a result of scrapping or value adjustments for leftover material.
  • Fixed costs become variable ones, transparent price structure.
  • Rationalisation of operating purchasing, digitalisation of manual administrative activities.
  • No financing costs for equipment and warehouse.
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