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Quick delivery thanks to time slot booking system

Cargoclix time slot booking system

Long and, accordingly, expensive waiting times for delivery should be avoided. This is why you are required to book a time slot using the cargoclix time slot booking system for unloading your truck at the EHG site in Dornbirn.

Directions EHG Dornbirn

Night unloading

For deliveries to our warehouse in Dornbirn only the following unloading times for steel and metals will apply:

Nachtanlieferung Zeitplan

To avoid delays and disturbances during unloading of the truck it is necessary:

  • to book a timeslot in the Cargoclix System: Cargoclix
  • to forward the shipping documents/delivery notes via e-mail in advance to our purchasing department

Without a booked timeslot the unloading might be delayed significantly until the next available time slot.

Your benefit

Trucks with a booked time slot enjoy priority handling, resulting in shorter to no waiting times! All other trucks are unloaded in the next free time slot. EUR 0.50 are charged for each time slot booking. There are no further costs. Each booker receives a monthly invoice from our partner CARGOCLIX (Dr. Meier & Schmidt GmbH).

Help & Support

If you prefer the time slot to be booked by your logistics services provider, please send them the following link: Cargoclix. Should you have any technical questions regarding the time slot booking system, feel free to directly contact Cargoclix on +49 7233 97480.

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